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Non Electric Aroma Diffuser Lei’s minimal form stems from that it does not need a power source. Powered by the temperature difference in the metal, supplied by the candle heat which creates diffusion and aroma volatilization. (Patented invention.) Its minimalist design made from recyclable materials, cordless mobility, and low maintenance usability. Every aspect of design is crucial such as the glass cylindrical dome which efficiently raises the heat of the flame, the optimal gap above the aroma tray and the single blade fan to introduce oxygen, and the oval shape for heat dissipation.

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Plastic Recurrence

Plastic Recurrence is a series of benches designed for a district town hall in Hong Kong, by using recycled household plastic waste from the same district. HIR studio recycled the plastic bottles in the riverside town, processed, and remolded them into new public benches, before bringing them back into the local town hall for everyone to enjoy. The series were made of only two typical modules assembled in varied lengths and rotations. Tactile textures and imperfect color of recycled plastic render each bench unique. What is taken from the community is used back in the community.

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The table Diagonal is a piece of furniture embodied with diversify possibility in its sleek form. The clean inter-cross stand structure is positioned in diagonal guideline. With the intended twisted angle, the Void/Solid dialogue would be initiated when people move around the table. The Diagonal tension could also be seen from above with tabletop veneer pattern, which also follow table’s invisible diagonal guideline beneath.

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Bubble chair - is not what it seems. From lightly inflated visual forms you can expect airy lightness: but the frame itself is cast by hand from a very robust aluminium. In front of us we have an interesting example of a conflict between form and content, which completely changes features and perception of the object itself. Choice of using aluminium was determined by its plasticity: in designers opinion, this is the most «alive» material out there.

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TuttoTondo is a luxury monolithic washbasin that combines the refinement of marble with the hi-tech charm of steel. The concept comes from the desire to make the washbasin the fulcrum around which the bathroom takes shape, as the old bedroom washbasin. The system consists of marble elements joined together by steel ferrules. These can in turn accommodate a series of accessories of various types and sizes, such as mirrors, shelves, containers, which enrich the aesthetics and functionality of TuttoTondo, completing the concept and making it configurable according to the most different needs.

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Lattice Chair

The word “lattice” means lines intertwined with, and intersecting, each other horizontally and vertically.Especially use Taiwan's high-quality bamboo with excellent toughness,combines bamboo craft into woodcraft via weaving bamboos and bent woods together. By preserving and integrating the flexibility of bamboos and the firmness of wood, so weight of the chair is only 4 kg, but it can withstand more than 120 kg, the lighter weight allows the elderly and children to move around more easily. Single-sided armrest design allows users to sit in a variety of ways, more free and flexible.

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