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Many times people need to be able to store objects, perhaps to make room, perhaps to clean the house and sometimes even to take them with them, but especially for furniture of a certain level it is always very difficult. Thus was born "Lu", a dining chair suitable for different types of target. The design is innovative and elegant at the same time and the name "Lu" derives from "luggage" because of its ease of being resealable and transportable wherever you want (during a move, in a holiday home, etc).

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Ging chairs are created by a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The collection was made to focus on the natural beauty of wood. The form of the chairs is minimal but dynamic. The chairs are made to be comfortable and ergonomic with its round backseat and well positioned recline angle. The stackable function made the chairs more versatile for the different setting.

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Khepri is a floor lamp and also a pendant that is designed based on ancient Egyptians Khepri, the scarab god of rising of morning sun and rebirth. Just touch Khepri and light will be on. From the darkness to the light, as ancient Egyptians always believed. Developed from the evolution of Egyptian scarab shape, Khepri is equipped with a dimmable LED that is regulated by a touch sensor switch that provides three settings adjustable brightness by a touch.

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Minimal Techno

This is a prototype arm chair which is constructed from recycled solid steel and repurposed bamboo hardwood flooring. It has a matte black coating with brushed brass screws to hold the hardwood slats in place. Even though the design is delicate, the matte black and brushed brass add a certain sense of robustness. This piece is designed to feel as if it does not take up much space, yet has a very strong presence in any room.

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Cork Block

This agglomerate by Amorim Composits, from a composition of cork particles with polyurethane both recycled and consolidated with a binder, is launched inside a metal mold and subjected to pressure and temperature resulting in a specific physical cohesion, elasticity and effective adherence when overlapped. That suggested a set of 9 blocks of different dimensions and shapes for a sofa with one or two seats. The physical and tactile qualities and the possibility to add upholstery solutions with different colors provides diferent confort and ambience solutions, achieving different comfort levels.

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'Gorge' is a coffee table with a shape of a gorge. Designing it, Designer 'Ramei Keum' strived to put it in a form so that elements composing of a table such as a top board and legs may become one element, not individual elements. The shape of a gorge folded in a V shape itself plays a structural role of supporting the top board of the table, and plays a role of holding/ keeping magazines or books as well as completing an aesthetic form of the table.

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