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Inspired by the shape of Chinese grille, The shape and compound mode provides a free appearance. This is a bookcase design composed of several modules. The bookcase can hold 4 cases in each row and 6 in each column. At the same time, each small module has four directions to form. This variable combination can form a wide variety of patterns. Users can design patterns according to their own preferences.

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Astoria was designed in order to meet the mobile usage features in addition to its aesthetic design concept. The product is composed of several materials. These materials are MDF, glass and brass. On the bottom plate, USB charging input feature functions. On-Off and Dimming functions are touch controlled which enable users to adjust the desired light levels. A glass holder is included on the base. All the design features make the product to solve many functions and to be used in several areas to create the desired ambience.

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Designer Marco Gallegos has completely rethought the pedestal fan and created a long-lasting piece of furniture that is guaranteed to become a statement in any room. Aura's timeless design combines functionality and sustainability which makes it an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning units. A new product typology with a height of 2.4 meters also provides a unique new user experience. Aura's novel propeller geometry, can move a large volumes of air at low speeds, quietly filling the space with a gentle breeze that feels natural.

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The suspension lamp Mondrian reaches emotions through colors, volumes, and shapes. The name leads to its inspiration, the painter Mondrian. It's a suspension lamp with a rectangular shape in a horizontal axis built up by several layers of colored acrylic. The lamp has four different views taking advantage of the interaction and harmony created by the six colors used for this composition, where the shape gets interrupted by a white line and a yellow layer. Mondrian emits light both upwards and downwards creating diffused, non-invasive lighting, adjusted by a dimmable wireless remote.

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Two poufs of the same size which can be transformed into a portable mattress, a stool or a couch. Tango takes two to tango so it needs two of the same elements which can be transformed into a functional portable and playful furniture. Multifunctional poufs are made of soft recycled foam or seagrass covered with coconut layer, decorated with natural wool fabric in several colors with the possibility of sitting, lying down and sleeping. Available in two options: indoors and outdoors.

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Moving in the wind Lucylle creates the fascinating game of light and shadows that imitates fireflies twinkling dance, allowing the nature reveal itself in the urban landscape, giving a feeling of spiritual beauty. The weightless and airy device does not overload the surroundings, creating only light accents, attracting looks. This allows you to integrate it into projects with a wide variety of tasks, forming a unique space. The lamp made of an eco-friendly aluminum base with two conductive rods made of tempered steel, feeding the diode, which is covered with a plate to reduce light pollution.

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