The Screeners-Movie Review Blog by Liam Martens

Liam Martens Discloses The The Screeners Movie Review Blog

Liam Martens, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Award Winning The Screeners Movie Review Blog points out, The design of The Screeners aims to bring a pleasing, simple and usable experience to movie review websites. Many websites of the sam <Cropped>

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Hospitality by Clement Cheng

Clement Cheng Presents The The Otto Hotel Hospitality

Clement Cheng, the lead designer of the displayed project Hospitality:The Otto Hotel by Clement Cheng illustrates, Located in the vibrant shopping district of Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, The Otto Hotel is home to the brand new stylish, hip boutique hot <Cropped>

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Shop:iris Ceramic Store by Yao Xiaobing

Yao Xiaobing Discloses The Iris Ceramic Store Shop

Yao Xiaobing, the creative mind behind the awarded design Shop by Yao Xiaobing explicates, IRIS is an Italian imported tile shop, which is composed of three small shops. Its functions are exhibition A, exhibition B, general service desk and IRIS busi <Cropped>

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Lamo-Table Set For Lovers by Yu Chien Yang

Yu Chien Yang Spotlights The Lamo Table Set For Lovers

Yu Chien Yang, the creative mind behind the awarded design Lamo - Table set for Lovers by Yu Chien Yang points out, “Misattribution of arousal“- During a situation which is unstable or dangerous, people will feel arousal; at that time, people wil <Cropped>

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Residential House by Sheng-Hao Sun

Sheng-Hao Sun Shows The Travel Is Life Residential House

Sheng-Hao Sun, the thinktank behind the award winning project Award Winning Travel is Life Residential House demonstrates, White and extended ceiling magnifies available space and diverts people’s attention from the large structural beams. Through <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Spaceroom Design

Spaceroom Design Spotlights The White Timeless Interior Design

Spaceroom Design, the project leader of the displayed project Award Winning White Timeless Interior Design points out, The purity and simplicity of the elements blended into the functional organization of the apartment were the inspiration behind thi <Cropped>

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Award Winning Shanghai Bay Residence and Private Club

Isabelle Zhao Peng Demonstrates The Shanghai Bay Residence and Private Club

Isabelle Zhao Peng, the author of the awarded work Isabelle Zhao Peng's Shanghai Bay residence and private club points out, This 1200 square meters apartment at the West Bund of Huangpu River in Shanghai was chosen by a film investor to reside, <Cropped>

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Piotr Jagiełłowicz's Divaldi Amp Headphone Amplifier

Piotr Jagiełłowicz Shares The Divaldi Amp Headphone Amplifier

Piotr Jagiełłowicz, the thinktank behind the award winning design Headphone amplifier:Divaldi Amp by Piotr Jagiełłowicz says, AMP is a small device, embodiment of all dreams, that its designers wanted to create for many years. It is a miniature m <Cropped>

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Cura Investment Office-Interior Design by Leo Zhu

Leo Zhu Spotlights The Cura Investment Office Interior Design

Leo Zhu, the author of the highlighted work Interior design:Cura Investment Office by Leo Zhu explains, Our proprietor, Zhong Cheng Group, is a real-estate company famous nationwide specializing in financial investment. The overall image of the compa <Cropped>

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Skein-Ring by Nasim Hosseiny

Nasim Hosseiny Shares The Skein Ring

Nasim Hosseiny, the author of the highlighted work Award Winning Skein Ring spells out, The design of the ring is inspired by skein and its complexity and looseness. The harmony between all curves in all parts of the ring conveys it as a fabulous str <Cropped>

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