The Kite by Shu-Hui Hsu

Shu-Hui Hsu Reveals The The Kite Office

Shu-Hui Hsu, the lead designer of the displayed design Office by Shu-Hui Hsu says, As the sun shines on the exterior of the building and reflects on the sparkling water, swirling into the entrance, like a touch of style to bring new hope for the futu <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Infinite Steel Stool Stool

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Infinite Steel Stool Stool

The maker of the awarded design Stool:Infinite Steel Stool by Acclaimed Designer points out, Our brief was to design for a young bold entrepreneur, a lover of art and design, of motorcycles and speed. For him we designed a multifunction room, where h <Cropped>

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Ring by Junghee Kim

Junghee Kim Demonstrates The Tree of Life Ii Ring

JungHee Kim , the project leader of the highlighted project Ring:Tree of Life II by JungHee Kim explains, The spiritually inspired jewelry collection, “Tree of Life II,” is the master work followed by 2016 A’ Design Award winner. The masterpiec <Cropped>

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Bed For Sleeping by Cremasco Matteo

Cremasco Matteo Shares The Dagaz Bed For Sleeping

Cremasco Matteo, the designer of the awarded design Cremasco Matteo's Dagaz Bed for sleeping demonstrates, Matteo's design was not built with the rules of the planned obsolescence. Construction processes, materials and finish were inspired <Cropped>

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Hotel :humble House by Tao Wang

Tao Wang Demonstrates The Humble House Hotel

Tao Wang, the creative mind behind the award winning design Humble House by Tao Wang says, Humble hotel is under strictly limited budget,designed for young travellers, so a good atmosphere is achieved by the use of relatively cheap materials and th <Cropped>

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Samuel Chun Him Lam's Box in a Box Residential House

Samuel Chun Him Lam Portrays The Box in a Box Residential House

Samuel Chun Him Lam, the project leader of the highlighted work Residential House:Box in a Box by Samuel Chun Him Lam explains, In this long and columned flat, designer have separated the space into 5 functional areas which are the foyer, dining area <Cropped>

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Martin-Standing Lamp by Santiago Bautista

Santiago Bautista Exhibits The Martin Standing Lamp

Santiago Bautista, the designer of the awarded design Standing lamp by Santiago Bautista explicates, Martin is a standing lamp. It consists of one single steel tube that bends to create both its base and its body. This tube is attached to an aluminum <Cropped>

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Potiss Paper Tissue Box by Musa Çelik

Musa Çelik Presents The Potiss Paper Tissue Box Paper Tissue Box

Musa Çelik, the creator of the awarded project Paper Tissue Box by Musa Çelik illustrates, Potiss is an eco-friendly and unique paper tissue box which was designed not only to be nature-friendly but also to be a part of nature. Seeds were added to <Cropped>

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Convertible Chair by Rick Yestadt

Rick Yestadt Demonstrates The Y.o2 Zmart Convertible Chair

Rick Yestadt, the architect of the awarded project Convertible Chair by Rick Yestadt demonstrates, Inspired by the Wassily Chair and Corbusier’s Sling chair the y.O2 ZmartChair has the unique ability to convert from a reclining position to an uprig <Cropped>

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Signal Ethic-Food Allergies Pictograms by Alvaro De Ramon Murillo

Alvaro De Ramon Murillo Illustrates The Signal Ethic Food Allergies Pictograms

Alvaro De Ramon Murillo, the creator of the award winning design Food Allergies Pictograms:Signal Ethic by Alvaro De Ramon Murillo illustrates, Signal Ethic is an ultra-readable typography which includes 14 pictograms of the food allergies stipulat <Cropped>

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