Jewelry :moonshine by Xinyi Liu

Xinyi Liu Exhibits The Moonshine Jewelry

Xinyi Liu, the creator of the displayed design Moonshine - Jewelry by Xinyi Liu illustrates, The inspiration of this piece was from a Japanese painting called The Great Wave off Kanagawa, it also took the meaning from an ancient Chinese poem. The sh <Cropped>

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Chair:netheravon Chair by Philippe Beauparlant

Philippe Beauparlant Shows The Netheravon Chair Chair

Philippe Beauparlant, the maker of the awarded work Netheravon Chair by Philippe Beauparlant illustrates, The Netheravon chair is an exploration in creating compact soft seating with shapes that could inspire re-configurations. Multiple examples of t <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Qipao Town Logo and Vi

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Qipao Town Logo and Vi

The maker of the displayed work Logo and VI by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, Qipao Town is located in Shengjiaku at the main core area of Wujiang. Inheriting the thousand-year prosperity of Wujiang and enriched with Jiangnan customs, Qipao Town re <Cropped>

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Hip Hop Watches Challenge

Binda Group and Desall Invite You to Design The New Watch Hip Hop Hero 4.0, a Customisable Product With a Minimal and Distinctive Design, Suitable For Every Moment of Your Daily Life.hip Hop Watches Challenge-design The New Iconic Hip Hop Watch New Pro

Binda group and desall invite you to design the new watch hip hop hero 4.0, a customisable product with a minimal and distinctive design, suitable for every moment of your daily life.Hip hop watches challenge - design the new iconic hip hop watch ne <Cropped>

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Kick Scooter:pigeon by Ignas Survila

Ignas Survila Creates The Pigeon Kick Scooter

Ignas Survila, the creator of the awarded project Ignas Survila's Pigeon kick scooter says, “Pigeon” folds up by one press of the foot.When folded,it is compact and its shape is smooth. Thus it is comfortable to use.Pigeon is composed of onl <Cropped>

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The Hostess of The Copper Mountain-Womenswear Collection by Daria Zhiliaeva

Daria Zhiliaeva Portrays The The Hostess of The Copper Mountain Womenswear Collection

Daria Zhiliaeva, the lead designer of the displayed design The Hostess of the Copper Mountain - Womenswear collection by Daria Zhiliaeva illustrates, Daria Zhiliaeva's graduate collection is about femininity and masculinity, strength and fragili <Cropped>

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Baby Monitor by Levent Muslular

Levent Muslular Exhibits The Oxxo Baby Monitor Baby Monitor

Levent Muslular, the maker of the highlighted project Levent Muslular's Oxxo Baby Monitor Baby Monitor illustrates, Oxxo has been designed as portable baby monitor. Form of the monitor allows to pick up and carry easily by babysitter or parents <Cropped>

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Woofpark by Victor Quiroz-Iihb Mexico

Victor Quiroz-Iihb Mexico Portrays The Woofpark Brand Identity

Victor Quiroz - IIHB Mexico, the lead designer of the awarded work WoofPark - Brand Identity by Victor Quiroz - IIHB Mexico spells out, The project is based on the creation and conceptualization of the Brand, including naming, applications, web page <Cropped>

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Lumbal Orthosis by Marcus Wiedemann

Marcus Wiedemann Portrays The Juzopro Lumbal Lumbal Orthosis

Marcus Wiedemann, the maker of the awarded project JuzoPro Lumbal - Lumbal Orthosis by Marcus Wiedemann explicates, The orthoses of the JuzoPro Lumbal series have a stabilising and pain-relieving effect in patients with issues in the lumbar spine. Fu <Cropped>

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Circle Sales Center by Kris Lin

Kris Lin Illustrates The Circle Sales Center Sales Center

Kris Lin, the designer of the highlighted design Sales Center:Circle sales center by Kris Lin says, The project is sales center of residence area. Designer introduced the philosophical thought in the oriental culture of Square Sky and Circle Earth. T <Cropped>

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