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Time Book

Time Book are made by hand-polished crystal glass blocks. Special ink was screen printed on the surface and cured at high temperature. The high density of crystal glass gives them perfect stability when in use. Time Book is minimalistic in terms of function, form and material, it’s like a book-shaped sculpture. The function is clearly presented by its form. The text on the book uses Quinsay Parto typeface designed by Time book’s designer. The “MMXIX” on the book spine is the Roman numeral writing of “2019”.

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Hair of Umay

Made in ancient nomadic technique, protected by UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safekeeping, this rug is bringing the best out of wool due to gradient wool shades and fine hand stitching that creates volumetric texture. 100 percent hand made, this rug is made using natural shades of wool plus yellowish tone dyed with onion shell. A golden thread that goes through the rug makes a statement and reminds of the hair freely flowing in the wind - hair of nomadic goddess Umay - protector of women and children.

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Studio S Low Profile

Inspired by the contemporary aesthetic popular today, American Standard’s Studio S Low Profile One-Piece Toilet features a beautifully sleek, skirted design that operates at an ultra-high efficiency. The minimalist design, which includes a top based, color matched flush actuator integrated into the slow-close seat to maintain a polished appearance, is coupled with breakthrough technology that removes the tank completely and ensures a quiet flush while providing astonishing performance.

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This chair was made to be a fun chair, useful and with an aesthetic that use simple and effective lines. A handmade piece, made one by one, using an old technics in craftsmanship. A combination between simple lines, colors and comfort for all backgrounds.

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Cecilia is an armchair in a sustainable way, made of reused materials. A tribute for a lovely grandmother, who was in love with handmade works and the nature. A way to give new use for special materials that could go to the trash. With a poetic and comfortable backseat. The design of its low and reclining structure its an invitation to rest.

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Bloom is a succulent dedicated grow box that acts as a stylish home furniture. It provides perfect growing conditions for succulents. The main aim of the product is to fill the desire and nurture for whom living in urban areas with less green environment access. Urban life comes with many challenges in daily life. That leads people to ignore their nature. Bloom aims to be the bridge between consumers and their natural desires. The product is not automated, it aims to assist consumer. The application support will allow users to take action with their plants which will allow them to nurture.

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